Passing the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Exam

Even without in-depth knowledge of the material, some people are good at taking a test. I am not one of those individuals. I tend to lean on my thorough understanding of the information and my ability to explain it if needed. That way, I am assured that I will pass the exam and my knowledge will remain sustained. Passing the test is not the most fundamental part of this journey; attaining and expanding my education is.

I’ve been playing around with AWS for the past couple of years, and I recently decided to get certified. I had realized that I have the knowledge needed to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam. My journey began with reading several AWS whitepapers as well as using two training courses from PluralSight and A Cloud Guru. I also explored the AWS management console, paying close attention to the features the various services have to offer. Things do change quite frequently in AWS, and though new features may not be on the current exam, it is a good practice to stay up-to-date with this further information. I felt assured that I will pass the exam after I completed both courses.

I scheduled my exam for April 19, 2018, two days before my birthday. I thought to myself, “attain this certification would be a good birthday gift. ” My selfish thought may have added a little stress; something I had no intention to entertain. I decided to listen to some Reggae music on my way to the exam. Music usually calms my nerves and keep me comfortable, even in the most stressful situations. I walked into the exam room, and after seeing the first question, I knew I would pass.
I was surprised when the exam completed, and I was eager to see the results. I was confident that I would pass, but I still needed confirmation. When I click on the “End Test” button, there was the evidence of my intuition – “Congratulations. You have passed…” It was a weight off my shoulders. More importantly, I walked away with not only a certification but lasting knowledge which I will gladly expand on.

Knowledge is power and information is how you get it.

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